Friday, August 29, 2008

On to Bhutan!

What a roller coaster ride 2008 has been so far. Tewfic El-Sawy,, announced that he would be traveling back to Bhutan in October, 2008. Having traveled with Tewfic to Bhutan in 2006, I immediately signed up for the trip but was worried because work in 2008 was supposed to be very hectic from June until the end of September.

The work kept getting delayed and after a great deal of thought, I notified Tewfic that I would have to cancel. Two days later, the work was delayed yet another time and I received authorization to go to Bhutan this year! The scramble was on. Tewfic was able to re-instate my reservations and I have secured airfare at the last minute.

And now, as with any trip, the lists start!

- Clothing
- Equipment
- Luggage
- Trip insurance

And many more hikes with a full load of camera gear.

This will be my fourth trip with Tewfic and my photography experience grows with each trip I take with him. Several photographers from our earlier trips to Cambodia, Bhutan, and Bali will be traveling again and it will be good to see old friends.

The countdown clock is ticking! 30 days to liftoff. This trip will see me flying from Chicago to Shanghai and then to Bangkok for a few days. From Thailand to India to Bhutan. The approach is magnificent as you wind through the mountains to the only location in the entire country that has a flat enough parcel of land to construct an airport.

I can't wait to see old friends and make new ones.

On to Bhutan!