Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Planning for Bali

This is my initial posting to my travel blog, RNC Photography. I hope that it will become a spot where friends and interested parties can follow me on my travels. I had the great fortune to travel with Tewfic El-Sawy on two trips in 2006. We went to Angkor Wat in Cambodia in February and then to Bhutan in November. These were the first two trips in almost 40 years of shooting that were specifically undertaken with the sole purpose of photography.

There were four of us with Tewfic in Cambodia and eight of us with Tewfic in Bhutan. I am unsure how he will be able to top those trips but in July, we are travelling with him to Bali. The travel plans are underway, the airlines are booked, and vacation time has been scheduled.

Tewfic has a blog, The Travel Photographer, located at:

and I highly recommend it for informative, creative, and thought provoking posts on travel photography.

For the record, I used to shoot Nikons, now I happily shoot Canons.

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