Monday, August 16, 2010

The Road Home - Tokyo

It seems like just a day ago that I was sending a message from the lounge at Narita at the start of Bali 2010.  One leg down, one long leg to go.

My takeaway for the trip home:

KFC chicken at MBK in Bangkok - $2.00
Pink Pepto tablets bought for the trip - $3.29
Having the Pink Pepto tablets in your carry-on luggage - Priceless!

A little of the Bali Belly prior to departure from Bangkok and finding those little pink pills was very soothing.  Not only to my stomach, but to my peace of mind for the long flights home.

Which brings me back to the keywords.  Here they are in no particular order of importance:

Bali belly, Bali traffic, Bali massage, Bali hospitality, weather, gecko, coffee, festival, odelan, barong, kecak, sarong, cremation, teeth filing, trance, rice, puppets, kites, father-son traditions, sacrificial offerings, cock fighting, bo, kim, penny, alia, chris, sandy, rose, django, tewfic, komang, ketut, daiu, dilla, the pond, rian, made hair salon, Bali Zen Spa, chaya, fbi, ducks, nasi gareng, school kids marching, lime juice, bintang, eating with fingers, authentic thai cuisine, tuk tuk, sweat, double decker pizza, propane taxis, propane water taxis, ice, patpong 1, ping pong balls, rambutan, nomad, paon, mosquito netting, pocari sweat, ANA.

Definite memory joggers for a trip that was packed with sensory stimulations of sight, sound, taste, and feel.

An hour until boarding so I will see if I can get a couple of photos onto the blog.

As Bali 2010 draws to a close, my special thanks to Tewfic El-Sawy, The Travel Photographer, who has made these adventures possible and who has taught me so much about style and humor. Thank you godo!


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